10 KG Distemper Pack

Size: 10 KG

A 10 kg distemper pack refers to a container or bag that holds 10 kilograms (or approximately 10,000 grams) of distemper paint. Distemper paint is a type of water-based paint commonly used for interior walls and ceilings. Here is a description of a typical 10 kg distemper pack:

  1. Quantity: The distemper pack contains 10 kilograms of paint, making it suitable for larger painting projects or areas that require a significant amount of paint. This size is commonly used by professional painters, contractors, or individuals undertaking substantial painting tasks.
  2. Container Type: The 10 kg distemper pack can come in various packaging options, such as a plastic bucket or bag, designed to hold and store the paint securely. It may have a resealable lid or closure to protect the paint and prevent spills or leaks during storage or transportation.
  3. Handling: Due to the larger weight of paint, the 10 kg distemper pack may have handles or grips for easier handling and pouring. This facilitates transferring the paint into smaller containers or directly onto a paint tray for application.
  4. Coverage: The coverage of a 10 kg distemper pack can vary depending on factors such as the paint’s consistency, application technique, surface texture, and porosity. It is important to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and product specifications to determine the estimated coverage area that can be achieved with the specific paint.
  5. Color Options: Distemper paints are available in various colors, and the 10 kg packaging typically offers multiple color options. It allows you to choose the desired color for your project, whether it’s a specific shade or a custom color that can be mixed using tinting systems.
  6. Application: Distemper paint from a 10 kg pack can be applied using brushes, rollers, or other suitable tools, depending on the size and requirements of the project. It is typically suitable for use on interior surfaces such as plaster, cement, or previously painted walls.
  7. Finish: Distemper paint usually provides a matte finish, characterized by a non-reflective and smooth appearance. The final result may have a slight texture, enhancing the traditional charm of distemper paints.